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daves-nm-schools Partnering with Schools

Research clearly shows that social, emotional, and cognitive development are interdependent.  Children need social and emotional proficiency to succeed in school and later as competent adults.  Students who are socially and emotionally skilled score higher on standardized tests.  Social and emotional competence leads to greater academic capability over time.  Among students with the same academic test scores in elementary school, those who develop better social and problem-solving skills by middle school attain higher test scores and grades in high school.

Our New Market public schools have the primary responsibility and mandate to educate and provide our youngest people with the academic and social skills necessary to integrate later as competent citizens.  We also recognize that our community has a responsibility to surround our children and their young families with an encouraging environment and opportunities to enhance social wellness and economic stability.  Friends of New Market and those who network and serve with us are establishing a partnership with our youngest community constituents.   Tutoring offers the chance to establish academic and social relationships with our children.   Friends of New Market recruits capable volunteer tutors and works with the school to train and oversee the tutoring process.  The scope of this effort is already underway but it is far from complete.   As we grow our tutor base and experience and adjust our strategies to the needs of the school’s students, we will expand the tutoring program to include summer reading, pre-K expansion, and make available a before-school Bible club for those families who wish to include a spiritual dimension to the day.

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