Partner with Families


Partnering with Families

       We remember our own early days of parenting.   There were no parenting textbooks then.   We relied on our upbringing, our families, and our relationships with friends to stumble through parenting.   Today, there are a great number of resources available and Friends of New Market is partnering with people and churches who have a heart to come alongside the families of our youngest folks.  Beginning next year, we will offer financial planning, childhood development education, and nutrition seminars.   We will form small support groups and prayer groups for moms and dads to air their concerns, emotions, and frustrations.   This will also be a chance for families to become closer to us and with the school’s administration and faculty.   While the tutoring program attends to the children and assists the school, the parenting partnership will attend to the family well-being, health, and community cohesion.

Are you interested in becoming a partner with us?

Please contact Dave Shrum at 256-379-3070 and

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