Partnering with our Community       Our community extends beyond school-age families.   Grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins are in various stages of their own life spans, but many of them are engaged in raising our New Market youngest.  They have needs and their needs have bearing on community fitness and social […]

Partner with Community

                                  Partnering with Families        We remember our own early days of parenting.   There were no parenting textbooks then.   We relied on our upbringing, our families, and our relationships with friends to stumble through […]

Partner with Families

 Partnering with Schools Research clearly shows that social, emotional, and cognitive development are interdependent.  Children need social and emotional proficiency to succeed in school and later as competent adults.  Students who are socially and emotionally skilled score higher on standardized tests.  Social and emotional competence leads to greater academic capability […]

Partner with Schools