In 2015, four families decided to dedicate more of their time and resources to serving in the local New Market area.  We did not want to duplicate or infringe on any activities already successfully underway in our community. After praying, discussing, studying, and observing the benevolent activities and programs in the New Market zip code, we decided to create a 501(c)(3) non-profit.  “Friends of New Market” is aimed specifically at our local next-generation children and their families. We are motivated by God and by what He has done for us in our lives, to do our part to share the Gospel, improve the emotional well-being of families, to increase community connections in New Market families.

Our approach is relational. We are establishing meaningful, trustworthy, and humble relationships with children, parents, teachers, clergy and community as we seek opportunities to enrich family life. As we and our volunteers serve, we are developing and growing in Christ. No matter where our path leads, our steps will always follow God’s will and His purpose in what we undertake.